22364- Events

The meat and potatoes, the Events:


22364- Sites

Nothing too exciting about these, though they do continue the ambiance of the later seasons. These are the locations of the heyday of the X- Files.

22364- Bluffs

Here are the available Bluff cards. I assume that there were more than nine planned for this set, but these are a lot better than none.

22364- Agents

Just before the game was cancelled in ’97 ,  the US playing card company created a second expansion titled “22364” that was never released… or was it? I don’t know, actually. It would appear, though, that somebody got their hands on them and scanned them (very poorly) for our printing and card -sleeve stuffing pleasure. For the first installment, I present the Agents:

Alternate Rules

Using the wayback machine, I was able to glean a little bit of “new old- stock”

Surfin' in cyberspace!

Surfin’ in cyberspace!

info from an old site, written back in 1998. My favorite bit was this alternate ruling idea:

Random Sites

This option is exactly what it sounds like, the sites your agents are allowed to investigate are chosen randomly. A deck of all available sites is shuffled and placed face down on the table. Each player, on his turn, flips the top card and places it face up in the center of the table. This site is now available for investigation. Other sites from previous turns or players may also still be here. The current player chooses which one(s) he wishes to investigate and pays the points. Play proceeds normally from here. Successfully investigated sites are discarded. My site deck uses 2 of each 2 pt site, & 1 of each 1 pt.

(source: http://xfilesccg.blogspot.com/)

Samantha, the alternate win condition

There are two unique adversaries in the game that allow you to “abduct” agents, placing them ten cards down in the Bureau Deck. “Abduction” allows you to select an opponent’s agent, while “Alien Harvesters” involves tossing the card at your opponents agents. Gimmicky, yes, but you have the opportunity of removing multiple agents if your aim is good.

All in the wrist...

All in the wrist…

Anyway, you might be wondering where the win condition is in this. If you are, then you’re too damn impatient.  Ok, here it is, “Cerulean Blue”,”Heads Up”, and “Dissolving Evidence” force your opponent to discard 3, 2, and 1 cards off of their Bureau , respectively. That’s it. Abducted forever (unless they deck out), just like Samantha. Get it? Ha!

This is a portion of the control deck i’m brewing, so check back once and a while. I’ll post the decklist once it’s been sufficiently tuned.