22364 Witnesses

Personally, I think that Witness cards are a little lackluster, but I do see their role in the game. Whatever, here they are:


5 responses to “22364 Witnesses

  1. Were there no Agents or Adversaries? (Or whatever the monsters were called.)

    • Nicholas.callis

      Well, I assume there would have been, but I don’t think the set was completed. I contacted the company that produced the game and their archivist couldn’t find any records on it.

  2. Nicholas.callis

    As for agents, look a few posts earlier.

  3. No Adversaries? So disappointing! Good job getting in contact with them though! I’m glad someone went through that effort.

  4. I am the one who posted the scans of the cards years ago. Back in 1998, one of the main XFCCG employees gave me inkjet (yes, it was still the 90’s) printouts of the some of the 22364 cards. They all passed the torch to me, as the company stopped everything and the events fell on my shoulders. Mike Mackey who owned Voyager promotions (a sci-fi/comic retailer at cons and flea markets), bought everything USPC had left in stock and paid them to print those later promos. All I did was keep running tournaments & events at cons & online via my website, all on my own dime. I have tried to pass on a lot of info. to keep the interest going. If you every need any help, you can find me via my website. I have enjoyed your blog!

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