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Site Chase- Rough outline

Sequence of play:

Card draw
Create RP/ Buy cards
opponents buy/sell cards for CP


Equipment Phase


If Adversary is drawn, Combat phase

– Bluffs are assigned

Deploy agents/ teams to site(s)
resolve Bluffs
resolve site(s)

Debriefing (discard)


Site chase- Illustrated guide


Variant Rules- Site chase

Similar to the Random Site variant, Site Chase also involves a random Adversary deck. Each turn, players roll a “Planar dice” (from MTG’s Planechase),

essentially a d6 with two faces and four blank ones (alternatively, you could use a regular d6 and designate the 1 and the 6 as the effect faces). One face allows the player to play a new site and the other forces the player to draw an adversary. Each player is given one free roll per turn, but they may buy more rolls with RP starting at 2 then 4,8, 16 and so on…

So, this idea JUST came to me and it might need some tweaks as it settles in my brain. One thing that needs ironing out is deck size. This is something I plan to work on for a bit, so stay tuned. (That includes play-testing, sir. You know who you are!)

22364 Witnesses

Personally, I think that Witness cards are a little lackluster, but I do see their role in the game. Whatever, here they are:

22364- Events

The meat and potatoes, the Events:

22364- Sites

Nothing too exciting about these, though they do continue the ambiance of the later seasons. These are the locations of the heyday of the X- Files.

22364- Bluffs

Here are the available Bluff cards. I assume that there were more than nine planned for this set, but these are a lot better than none.